Dr’s Glenda Aleman and Ralph Bourjolly have combined experience of over 25 years in the field of optometry. Dr Aleman is certified on several reshaping myopia control lenses such as Euclid, paragon CRT, OK contacts and GOV including the new FDA APPROVED Myopia Control Soft Daily Contacts MiSight. Dr. Aleman is also certified in the use of scleral lenses such as Europa and Zen lenses.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement to our doctors is at Ok love we strive to provide doctors with resources, and the necessary tools to succeed in their journey on the fight against myopia. Dr’s Glenda Aleman and Ralph Bourjolly are passionate about the fight against the increasing epidemic of myopia disease.

For the eye care practitioner who wants to go beyond the education only, we invite colleagues to incorporate myopia control into their practices with our services.

Here at OK Love, we offer consulting for local optometrists on the implementation of efficient techniques and treatments for myopia control. We help doctors use all the current methodologies available. With today’s constant evolving world of myopia control, it’s important for OK Love to remain at the forefront of the Myopia epidemic. This way we can pass this information forward to our doctors and in turn help their patients. It is at the core of our beliefs to share our knowledge to help everyone. Together with the myopia control experts on our team, they talk with local doctors on the use either pharmaceutical agents, soft dual focus lenses, or reshaping the cornea with ortho K lenses or even a combination.

Our team all have the common drive to share their knowledge and experience.

Dr Brianna Rhue, Coral Springs FL
Dr Scott Pearl, Jacksonville, FL

Join the fight to help future myopic children reshape the world they see.


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