Our Mission

Here at OK LOVE, Myopia Control Experts, Dr's Glenda Aleman and Ralph Bourjolly are passionate about the fight against the increasing epidemic of myopia disease. Our mission is to bring greater awareness to the local Eye Care practitioner and as well as the general population. We do this by providing education, resources, and the necessary tools to succeed in the implementation of myopia control.

Here at OK Love, we offer Consulting for local optometrists on the implementation of regimens and techniques and treatments on myopia control. We also offer services directly to patients via pharmaceutical agents, multifocal FDA approved Myopia Control soft contact lenses called MiSight, or the reshaping of the cornea with ortho K lenses! Please don't hesitate to give us a call at (954) 854-7910 with any questions or concerns, or reach out for a consultation to see how YOU can partake in fighting the Myopia Disease epidemic.

Please call for a Consultation!